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Farina : Covers & Oddities

Judy Collins - Hard Lovin' Loser - Elektra; EK-45610
Judy Collins : "Hard lovin' loser"
 Elektra single EK-45610, 1966.
Mono version from the 1966 LP, In my life. Arranged by Josh Rifkin, a veteran of the Even Dozen Jug Band, the Baroque Beatles Book (Elektra, EKL-306/EKS-7306), and a leading light at the eclectic Nonesuch Records.

Should have been a hit.
 (, Webster's New Word - Hard Lovin' Loser ; Columbia, 4-43745 - 1966
Webster's New Word
Columbia single 4-43745, probably August/September, 1966
Begins with a promising guitar riff, but is joined at the first chorus by a male go-go chorus that you can unfortunately visualize fruging around the studio ("Haard luvin' LooZUH!"), it was arranged by C.T. Perkinson (who later arranged Marvin Gaye's "I want you" ), and a flip side ballad arranged and conducted by no less than Felix Papalardi that sounds like an Association home demo.

Michael Allen - Hard Lovin' Loser ; MGM, K14321, circa 1968
Michael Allen , "Hard loving loser"
MGM single K14231 , 1971
 British singer Allen did this peppy, chorus-laden Vegas version in 1971. Produced by Johnny Harris,  a former assistant to Tony Hatch (best known as arranger for Petulia Clark), he also did Tom Jones mid-60s work, Shirley Bassey's early 70's LPs, made it possible for Englebert to have glory days, but also did a single for Johnny Kidd and the Pirates.
All in all, a very odd performance and probably a Golden Throats runner-up.
Marti Shannon : You were on my mind (LP) - RCA / LSP-3633 : 7/66
Marti Shannon photo, from LSP-3633
Marti Shannon : You were on my mind (LP: RCA Victor / LPM/LSP-3633, July,1966).
The D.C.-born Canadian Shannon's voice sounds like Nico with Judy Henski's lung power and Mary Travers as vocal coach. The album is a folk/rock mix of contemporary singer/songwriters (Paxton, Ian&Sylvia, Paul Simon et al), and was recorded with Nashville sidemen in RCA's Studio B in April, 1966.  She does a good version of "Hard lovin' loser".
The Everpresent Fullness ; White Whale WW-7132; released 1970
Everpresent Fullness ; graphics by Kittyhawk

the group is:
Tom Carvey - guitar, vocals
Paul Johnson - guitar
Steve Pugh - bass
Terry Hand - drums
Jack Ryan - autoharp, harmonica, vocals
The Everpresent Fullness
( LP - White Whale Records, WW-7132, 1970).
The album itself was allegedly recorded in 1966, but not released until 1970. Very much a 1966-esque album, it features a fairly faithful recording of the John Sebastian adaptation of "Wild about my lovin' " and I think they either shared publishers or management or both. The catch here is their recording of Fariña's "One way ticket", retitled  as "Leavin' California" (but probably not the same one copyrighted by  William Cadieux in late 1970), and songwriting credit given to the group and published through Ishmael Music.
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