Treasures of the Earth

Treasures of the Earth

Aimee Hartlove, Princess of the Kingdom of Gold
Julie Zetterberg, Princess of the Kingdom of Coal
Kathy Sanders, Princess of the Kingdom of Precious Stones
Drew Sanders, Prince Ivan

Long, long ago, and far beneath the land, there were three underground kingdoms full of the treasures of the earth. Brave Prince Ivan journeyed there to rescue three captive princesses:

The Princess of bright, gleaming gold;
The Princess of jet-black coal;
The Princess of sparkling precious stones;

Each princess gathered all the riches of her realm into a little egg, and Prince Ivan led them out of the darkness, and up, into the sunlight!

Costumes inspired by Russian folklore
and the painting Three Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom by Viktor Vasnetsov

Costumes constructed by Julie Zetterberg (Princess of Gold, Princess of Coal)
and Kathy Sanders (Princess of Precious Stones, Prince Ivan)

Presentation designed by Julie Zetterberg;
Tape by Keith Johnson;
Narration by Greg-Robin Smith;
Music by Prokoviev (Ivan the Terrible)

Winner: Best Presentation, Master Division
Chicon V (World Science Fiction Convention) in Chicago, Illinois
August 31, 1991
Updated 8 May 2007.
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