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Spy vs Spy vs Spy

Spy vs Spy vs Spy

Kathy Sanders (the Black Spy),
Julie Zetterberg (the White Spy),
and Susan Taubeneck (the Lady in Gray)

Award: Best Presentation, Master
Westercon 44
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
6 July 1991

Inspired by "Spy vs Spy vs Spy" from Mad Magazine
Costume construction: Kathy Sanders
Stage prop construction and presentation design: Julie Zetterberg
Stage presentation assistance: Pippin Sardo
Research Librarian: Bruce Pelz (Bruce kindly lent us some of his vintage Mad Magazine collection for reference.)
Presentation music: Theme from Mission Impossible

Also worn as hall costumes at Chicon V (WorldCon), Chicago, August 1991; and Costume-Con 10, Lincoln, Nebraska, May 1992; and included as part of a presentation at a later Comic-Con.

Yes, these costumes still exist. No, they are not for sale, rent, or loan.
We appreciate your interest, but please do not contact us for advice on how to make your own version of the Spy costumes.

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